Submissions are closed for filmmaking grant proposals!
Don't worry if you didn't get a change to submit your ideas, you can still send in your short film to compete! Read more about it here.
Never produced a short film before?
Not sure whether your ideas are good or not?
Need some help with funding your short film production?
Fill out our short film proposal form to send in your idea and get a chance to win 25,000THB fund!
Our mentors are here to help and guide you.
25,000 THB grants will be given to 10 best scripts.
To apply, fill in this submission form.
Please answer all of the questions, you can send the completed form to us at
Please make sure the file is saved as a .pdf or .docx

Who can apply for a grant?

Anyone who isn’t a professional filmmaker can apply for a grant! Whether you’ve made videos before or not, we want to hear your stories!


What kind of stories can I submit?

We are looking to support powerful short films visualising how mitigation and adaptation efforts are lessening the impact of climate change in Thailand. Are you familiar with the range of climate change impacts Thailand is facing? Watch our video which explains the categories we have selected to feature. 


Can I apply as a team?

Yes, you can team up with your friends and apply. Your team should not exceed 5 people. Applying alone is good too!


How do I submit my proposal?

Download our form here:
Please answer all of the questions, you can send the completed form to us at
Please make sure the file is saved as a .pdf or .docx



When is the deadline for the grant proposal?

You can submit your proposal any time before April 30, 2020



What if I don’t win a grant? Am I eligible to enter the competition and submit a finished film?

Of course! Even if you don’t win a grant, it doesn’t mean that your proposal is bad. There will be a lot of competition for the grants. Not getting one should not deter you from going ahead with your idea. We would love to see your short film! If you need any help with script writing and filmmaking don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our resource bank to get some help.



How will you select the 10 grant winners?

We will fund what our judges believe are the most inspiring projects and take into consideration the financial situation of the applicant. Great idea; but no money? Fill out our form and submit it. We will give it serious consideration.