We will support Community smartphone video makers with an informal mentoring system. As film makers in this category may not have made a video before and need guidance and an understanding of the structure of a video. If you have an idea for a video and are uncertain what to do next. We have a panel of experienced script writers and people with a wide experience in filming to assist.


The volunteer experts can assist the film makers in the first category by answering questions about your project, technical issues that they can’t find an answer for.


Our experts will also provide a checklist of online video tutorials aimed at film makers starting out. Ultimately a first-time film maker of the young generation will have a reasonable level of technical skill shooting a video on their smartphone. We encourage young film makers who haven’t had the opportunity for film school to discover and share stories.


The story will come you and your community. Our mentors believe it is your vision and your voice that matters. Should you need someone to discuss a way to handle a technical problem, something that’s confusing or not working, then a mentor can help. Your best guide as you progress will be to view the educational tutorials on film making that we will post.

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