Film content must be related to the human and ecological impact of climate change indicating a possible way to mitigate or adapt to the threat. We seek to create a template to inspire and encourage others around the world to follow our example and and launch their own climate change film festivals.

The films will be in the Thai language productions with English subtitles or voiceover.

The running time including opening and closing credits must not exceed 10 minutes.

Category One submissions may be a file download: in high resolution (1920×1080 pixels, 23.97fps, 48kHz Audio, Progressive scan, .mp4 or .mov format). Videos can be shot on any kind of equipment from a smartphone to a RED.

Category Two: We only accept DVD entries. A DVD submission must meet the professional production standards and be compatible with and permit playback on consumer desktop DVD players. 

For the Category Three (Virtual Reality (VR)), we invite submissions of interactive Virtual Reality projects for our Festival. A VR submission must link to a 360° video file (.mp4). The VR submission must also include a hard copy of the film. VR Projects must be viewable via Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

See Film Genre. Any genre is accepted but the theme of the film must be about climatic change and/or how it effects human rights/life.

See Film Maker Categories. Any person in the world can enter, but we may show deference to local producers.

Submission deadline: 30 July 2020

We must receive your physical copy or digital upload by the date of the deadline (it’s not a postmark deadline). 

Filmmakers will receive notification of their film's status in regards to official selection for the Film Festival by 15th September 2020. 

The Film Maker who submits a film agrees that:

All insurance and shipping costs covering the distribution of film exhibition copy to the festival are the responsibility of the film submitter. 

We do not return the submissions after the film festival. 

By entering a film submission, you give your consent to be bound by the festival’s rules and guidelines, and further that you understand and have complied the festival's rules and guidelines. 

See Mentoring. We will also offer help to those who want a better product by introducing them to "" tutorials and “You Tube” tutorials.

Submitting to the festival grants the festival organizer the right to show your film and to use your film information and stills in our publicity. Film Maker agrees this granted right of use to the festival organizer includes use in all submitted press kit materials, in festival advertising and promotions, and to use up to 3mins of the film as either a standalone or as part of a show reel for use in international promotion and to encourage the creation of similar change change film festivals around the world. Sign and deliver a script rights release for a single production for a film based on the script and submitted and used by our film festival.

Multiple small venues, embassies, eating places, bars, where ever we find free chairs chairs. venues can be in morning, afternoon or evening. we look for venues with TVs (Large screens are best) and DVD equipment.

Films for the Gala event along with the 10 best short films.

Prizes and Awards to the best 10 best short films. For Categories One and Two, the judges will announce 4 prizes and awards for each general category with 2 prizes and awards for each of the sub-categories of Urban and Rural impact. For Category Three judges will announce 2 prizes. One prize for each of the sub-categories of Urban and Rural impact.

No entry fee.

© 2020 by CCCL Film Festival

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